Create one-time-use email aliases

Keep your identity hidden when shopping, signing up and sharing it with others

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Hide your identity

Your personal email address is your online identity. By sharing it you are exposing your identity. With Disguised, an email alias cannot be traced back to you.

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Create unique email aliases

Using the same email address for every website you sign up to reveals your online activity. Using a unique email alias for each online account helps cover your tracks.

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Emails delivered to your existing inbox

No more logging into different email accounts to check different inboxes. All of your email aliases will get forwarded to one email address.

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One account, unlimited email aliases

Create a new email alias any time you need it. Every time you sign up for a new website, a new app, a conversation with a new person.

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Email aliases belong to you

Every email alias you create is yours to use, even if you disable it, forever.

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